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Commercial Design and Build

Building - Interior - Furniture

What We Do

We provide design and build for commercial building, interior and furniture. Our projects are ranging from offices, retail/shops, educational and others commercial area.


We follow the global trends in the commercial design and still keep the uniqueness of the local content and culture.

We gather the all information, listen carefully and learn the cultures and values of our clients. We ensure that we know what is needed, what do the clients like and what the budget is.

We put aside ego and be in our client’s sides to create the design that will perfectly fits in all aspects of our clients.


The build section is consist of planning, projects build/implementation and testing commissioning. It includes civil works, interior, mechanical-electrical and data voice. We ensure that the projects will meet all the objective of the approved design and client’s needs. We believed that trust is the key elements, that we will keep a long during the build process until complete handover.

We keep our promise to provide you with a good quality interior that will not be compromised in terms of materials.


We provide the good quality, stylish, functional and ergonomics furniture that creates a comfortable work environment and boost the productivity of the team.

Commercial Projects

Who We Are

We have been more than twenty years in the business and still broaden our capability in the field.

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